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Who We Are Advanced TV Network AB is headed by Hamid Al-Hamid and Sons, a family dedicated to enhancing your television-viewing experience. We can do this by bringing you hundreds of television shows from the Middle East right to your very own homes. Founded in 2008 in Sweden, our company began growing the minute our services hit the market, quickly gaining satisfied customers all over the world. More than 580 Arabic channels are just waiting to inform and delight you, and more are continuously being added. This gives thousands of viewers across the world the chance to check out programming from their native regions. As with any good idea, our company’s scope is continuing to grow to meet the additional wants and needs of our clients – and you don’t even have to invest in expensive equipment to enjoy it.Our company was founded for two main reasons. The first was to provide a viable alternative to traditional, dish-based television broadcasting. The second was to make sure people are receiving the news, information, educational shows, entertainment and sports coverage they most enjoy. OK, we do have a third reason we set up our business: to make it our business to ensure you are having fun! Instead of relying on the old-school costly and clunky dish-based television broadcasting devices, the programming at initial

Advanced TV Network AB rapidly streams over the Internet. TV Network That means you can watch our available programming anywhere you have an internet connection – in any state, country or continent on the globe!Forget using cables, satellite dishes and other equipment you have to mount on your roof or balcony. Our streamlined process brings the shows directly into your home with no muss, no fuss and no big, ugly dish in your yard.You instead access all the channels we offer right on your computer, your mobile device or a set top box we can supply to view the programming on a regular TV. The set top box simply converts the network packets from the Internet to signals that show up on a TV video screen. All of our equipment and broadcast servers are at our home base in Sweden, and they are powerful enough to reach every corner of the world. It really is that easy to watch what you want, when you want it from Advanced TV Network AB.


We offers you the best and highest quality of TV channels for less than half the cost of traditional satellite in the USA And Canada !

And best of all; there is no messy installation and no trouble with any accommodations or high rise buildings. In addition, no expensive subscription or hardware is needed. Just a high speed Internet connection, our IPTV Set Top Box, and a subscription from us, and you are all set to watch all of your favorite TV programs from the country of your choice.Our company profile includes working with well know industry leaders such as Microsoft and Google. We challenge you to compare our product with any other provider in the USA for picture quality and reliability. We guarantee you will receive a quality, enjoyable experience watching television on your TV no matter where you are in the world!

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